Tournament Background

The Ablitt Cup

The Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) International Rugby Sevens has attained the status of the region's premier international club tournament. Teams are invited from around the world to play for the Ablitt Cup.

The Ablitt Cup is named after Mr Bernard E. Ablitt who was Convenor of the SCC Rugby Section from1931-1932. From 1938-1939, he was the President of the SCC.

The silver Ablitt Cup was donated by Mrs Katherine Parentis in 1947 for the winners of the first 7-a-side tournament organised by the SCC Rugby Section. The tournament has since become an annual competition and one of the world's oldest rugby sevens tournaments.



The John Clark Trophy

Singapore schools compete for the John Clark Trophy. This is an award donated by friends of the late John Clark, a rugby stalwart and one time Vice President of the SCC.

John Clark was born in Penang in 1935 and, after an education in the UK, returned to life in Asia. Rugby was his passion and some of his happiest days were spent on the Padang in the 1960s where his generous advice was valued by the younger rugby players of the era.